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Everything you need to know about Mobile Search Engine Optimization

Mobile Search Engine Optimization is used to improve web visibility for the search engines from mobile devices. It is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique that enables a website to rank for mobile search queries.  It is essential to understand that the processes of mobile search engine optimization are different from conventional SEO as it involves mobile usability specifics.

What is mobile search engine optimization?

Mobile Search Engine Optimization or Mobile SEO enables methods and standards to improve your website visibility (positioning) and appearance on mobile phones, tablets and ipads and in general, in any mobile-device-based search engine results. Mobile SEO also includes making your web resources accessible to search engine spiders.


As you might remember, Google in 2018 already changed its web algorithm to be mobile-first – your rank will depend on the search results based only on the mobile-version of  your site. Thus, continuous Mobile Search Engine Optimization is key to leverage business leads in over competitive markets. Otherwise your business will be at the mercy of the mobile search engines. And the same happens with mobile apps.


The global mobile market size has been steadily growing since it started with a growth projection up to USD 792.51 billion by 2029. Mobile gaming alone is already billing more USD than the whole cinema industry itself. Therefore, in order to be successful in the competitive digital world, it is crucial to be 100% mobile-friendly.


The proliferation of apps in the mobile stores has generated an undeniable scenario: if your app is not optimized for mobile stores, it’s unlikely that it will get any organic traffic. Even more, users won’t be able to find your app. Mobile SEO for apps, known as App Store Optimization (ASO) or ASO Optimization, will help you detect current organic traffic issues and turn them into opportunities, helping you to improve your position in the store and even untap unknown opportunities.

If you have a business running on a website or a mobile app, you need to leverage your mobile opportunities in order to generate leads and revenue.

Is SEO different on mobile apps?

Mobile Search Engine Optimization is different from desktop SEO as the OS system as well as the screen size varies deeply from PC and Mac. UI/UX layouts, responsive designs, page speed, etc. are elements that will vary between your desktop and mobile version of your site – check your mobile performance on Google’s free toolBut is optimizing sites the same as optimizing mobile apps? How different is it to optimize mobile apps VS mobile sites?

Mobile SEO for apps or ASO – App Store Optimization –  refers to the analysis and optimization of your app in the mobile stores (Google Play, App Store, Huawei App Gallery, etc.) Mobile stores algorithms are different from Google’s or Bing’s web crawlers and bots and the processes and techniques used to make your app stand out from the crowd in a mobile store vary deeply from mobile SEO.

For instance, a mobile app has a completely different picture from a mobile site as many different factors come into play: metadata, creative assets, positioning under search results, device-specific user engagement, conversion per country, etc not to mention that the competitors and market trends are obviously diverse. App Store Optimization Services are in this sense crucial to make your app business successful.

How do I optimize my app for mobile SEO? Best practices for ASO optimization

The starting point of optimizing an app is to analyze and measure your available data aiming to improve your app’s performance. Your primary source of data will be the Google Play developer console in the case you’ve got an android app or the App Store Connect in the case you’ve launched an iOS app. Third-party tools like MMPs (Mobile Measurement Partners) or a/b testing tools will also provide valuable information about your app performance status and growth potential. Key point here is to understand how much of this information is relevant to make your app grow profitably and find out the most suitable mobile app promotion strategies for your business.

In case you’re starting from scratch and in order to understand your app status, current issues and potential to grow you’ll need to showcase the possibilities of optimizing your app store pages with the available data, covering main performance elements in the store in a larger period of time (at least 90 days) like:

      • User engagement: How are users interacting with your app? Do you have a high active users rate? Is there an uninstall spike slowing down your performance?

      • Brand analysis and search visibility: How powerful is your brand? Does the majority of your traffic come from brand searches or generic user queries? How easy is for potential users to discover your app? 

      • App performance and conversion rate (CVR): How many users download your app after they have viewed your store page? The metric gives you an insight of how well your store page manages to convince users to install your app after they have tapped through or visited your page.

      • Benchmarking: Comparing yourself to your main competitors, how well is your app doing? Are users able to find other alternatives to suit their needs? Why should users download your app?

      • Growth forecast: What will be the expected outcome after doing ASO optimization?

    The main goal of a mobile audit should be to assist your app based on its current status and on potential improvements. It should identify which opportunities you are missing and which changes can enhance your app performance, including:

    ● Effectiveness and efficiency: Commitment to results with an expected growth potential

    ● Detecting and highlighting market opportunities to help your app to stand out for competitors

    ● Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis

    ● Customized approach to your business goals for your specific product

    ● Professional execution

    Are you interested in auditing your app? Our ASO for Apps  team looks forward to help you to increase the success of your app, mitigate risks, increase your opportunities and work towards specific results.

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